Top 10 Windows 7 Customization in 2011

Soon, the year 2012 will come. Many things which we have passed in the year 2011. However, that's not what I want to discuss now.

On this occasion, I will summarize the best theme, whether it be Skin pack and visual style. This theme I collated based on the most downloading and based on beautiful looks. Although this is based on my observation, I hope you like it Winking smile.


1. Halloween Skin Pack 1.0

Haloween Skin Pack

2. Windows 2D Metro Visual Style


3. 8 Skin Pack 9.0

8 skin pack 9.0

4. Clear Glass 7

Clear Glass 7

5. Mango Skin Pack 1.0


6. HyperDesk DarkMatter: SubSpace

darkmatter subspace[9]

7. Neon Skin Pack 2.0


8. Lion Skin Pack 12.0


9. Carbon Fusion

Carbon Fusion For Windows 7

10. Cayon X Visual Style



That's all.. Thanks for reading..

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